How does Rahanni work?


 So why Rahanni?

     Because Rahanni works on a higher level of vibration,  healing in a much deeper and faster.   

 How does it work?

     Rahanni vibrates on a pink ray of light but also connects to the 6 pointed healing star, activated by White Eagle: by bringing the energy forward with the help of the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Lord Melchizedek, Quan Yin (to name a few), Rahanni can take you down the path of  truth, love and compassion.

What happens during a healing?           

     The client (fully clothed) lies comfortable on the bed and the practitioner attempts to open the heart centre by clearing all the negative debris that has built up over many lifetimes simply by placing their hands gently on or just above the area. The healing energy comes down to the practitioner and travels down through the crown centre, along the spine, down the arms and out through the hands towards the client. This is when easement of the clients condition can take place, relaxing and balancing of all the bodies systems.

How does it feel?

     A peaceful relaxation usually occurs, then is often a sensation of heat of tingling. The treatment takes approximately 20-40 minutes, but it is best to allow for an hour. Slightly longer may be needed on the first visit. A sequence of 3 treatments are recommended.

 Rahanni does not guarantee a cure and practitioners will not diagnose. Rahanni is a complementary therapy that is used to treat the whole person and works in conjunction with your regular health care. It is a wonderful holistic therapy healing the mind, body and soul.

If you go to the contacts page and send me an email we can arrange a treatment  for you - its wonderful!