Hi, my name is Trish and welcome to

Rahanni Celestial Healing and a little about me and

how Rahanni has become part of my journey so far.


                   The biggest and most blessed achievement in

my life are my 3 wonderful children, their supportive partners

and 6 beautiful grandchildren.


                   I am also very blessed to have been chosen to be my Mothers daughter as she taught and supported me so much. Mum was a very inspiriational, spiritual and caring person who left this world in 2001. I continue to work with the spiritual world with her love and guidance.


                I have always had a passion for crystals, their beauty, form and energy always amazes me and I have loved giving crystal healings. I do angel card guidance and I am a Reiki Master. I established my own crystal and spiritual shop before selling it  (2013) to explore this magnificient world further.


                While travelling around Europe recently, I came across a beautiful lady in Essex, England by the name of Carol Stacey. Carol is the founder of this beautiful celestial healing called 'Rahanni'. She was presented to Rahanni by the higher beings of light, her story is amazing and I am so grateful to have been her client, student and friend. Please take the

time to check out Carol's page www.rahannicelestialhealing.co.uk Carol was the chosen one to bring Rahanni to us at this time.

I had a healing session with Carol and was so impressed that I knew I had to learn this so I could share it with others. Carol has taught so many people

this beautiful method of healing and it now goes beyond England to other countries in the world. Until now there was no one to teach this in New Zealand. We both knew that I was the one to bring this back to New Zealand with me so Carol was delighted to attune me to practitioner level and then onto teaching level so I am now able to not only heal others with this wonderful energy but also to teach others to become practitioners and then teachers as well. This way the beautiful energy of Rahanni maybe spread to all of humanity in this beautiful country as well.

                        Since returning home I have been blessed to be given the role of 'Guardian of Rahanni Celestial Healing' (G.R.C.H.) by Carol. There are only a few Guardians for Rahanni and to be given this is a true honour and I carry this with the upmost respect to Carol and the Higher Beings.

I opened Crystal Bliss in July 2018 and revamped the shop, the energy and the stock which is now a very successful place to come for your spiritual needs, a place to chat, wonder around or receive healings and guidance. During this time of getting the shop to where it is today I put my Rahanni on hold so I could focus on the shop - now one year later it is time to return to Rahanni and work from "Our Soul Centre" upstairs of the shop. 


                       My journey is a true blessing and filled with gratitude and love for what continues to come my way.


                          I look forward to assisting you with your own spiritual journey, whether it be motivational guidance, messages from your angels or Rahanni Celestial Healing...

your path is waiting for your footsteps of your very own journey.

Blessings XOX


A little about me...